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10 Best Plants for Containers

10 Best Plants for Containers

When it comes to wanting to spruce up the aesthetic of your porch nothing works better than a beautiful potted plant. That being said, not all plants are created equal, and with that, it is good to know which are better off in the ground than in a planter. Let us present to you our top 10 choices for which plants are the best to fulfill your needs in this territory.

Our Flowers of Choice

Coral Bells - Forming an arching, bowl-shaped bush thanks to its frothy little leaves, this is a plant that does better in a pot than in the ground most of the time. Its leaves are a variety of shades of peach to burgundy.

Begonia - These sturdy, hardy plants come in a variety of leaf shapes and petal colors for their flowers. Just make sure not to let them get too wet; you may be better off having them in a hanging planter.

Angelonia - A good, heat-tolerant beautiful flowering plant; it is also known as the summer snapdragon. Another excellent quality is that the spent blooms do not have to be plucked off for the plant to keep blooming.

Coleus - A drought-tolerant plant, this plant comes in a variety of colors and plant growth styles. Euphorbia- Do not let the frilly look of this plant fool you, this is a tough as nails plant that can stand up to conditions including heat and drought.

Ornamental Pepper - Though a fun little addition to any porch, be careful of the small peppers that grow upon it. Though they are edible, you may find them to be extremely hot.

Euphorbia - Do not let the frilly look of this plant fool you, this is a tough as nails plant that can stand up to conditions including heat and drought.

Nemesia - These little flowers last all year long, and come in a variety of bright, vibrant colors. Great as a vertical accent as part of a mixed container.

Hydrangea - There are many hydrangea varieties in the past decade means you will find one that is just for you.

Roses - Roses will bring color and light to any location. Plant them in a decorative pot to accent focal points on your deck or patio.

Pansies and Violas - These darlings of spring and fall gardens come in a stunning array of single and multi-color blooms.

10 Best Plants for Containers

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