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What Garden Tools do I need?

Gardening Tools

Whether you are a beginning gardener or an experienced one, there are some gardening supplies that you are just going to need. When it comes to cutting through the dirt, trimming hedges or tilling the soil, you need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job, not just any tool.

If you're lost or unsure of what you will need, don't despair. Green Thumb is here with our list of the fundamental gardening supplies to creating a great garden.

Fundamental Gardening Supplies

When creating this list, we took a long time delegating what to include and what to leave out. While we are only focusing on Weeders, Soil Knives, Shovels, Rakes, and Sheers; it should be a given that a proper hose head, scissors, and hoes are also great additions.

Weeder - These are probably the most important tool on the list. Weed management is such a hassle for every single gardener. This tool allows you to remove them with ease, whether you need a fulcrum or a crack weeder, these little guys will make it so much easier.

Soil Knife - This tool is the pinnacle of efficient design. With both a serrated and a sharp edge on the blade it can be flipped for a different effect. It is designed to penetrate soil with ease and be able to perform underground maintenance. It is incredibly easy to use, and the uses for it are countless.

Shovel - The first step with every garden. There is no better way to dig a hole, and there are fewer tools with more variety than a shovel. Shovels range from a classic spade for basic holes to precision shovels for specific landscaping. Find which one suits your needs before making your purchase.

Rake - For this, we recommend the Corona 62060. This little rake is sturdy and small enough to help rake in for any area. We do advise that if you want to economize space, this one will work, but you might want to keep a cheap back up rake for leaves in the autumn.

Shears - There are two kinds of shears to look for, think macro and micro. There are shears that work for large jobs like bulk hedge cutting, and there are also micro shears which help for minuscule flower jobs. Either way, when you want to landscape, shears are a gardener's scalpel.

Your Eau Claire Garden Center

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Green Thumb Landscaping & Excavating offers the best services and gardening supplies in Eau Claire. If you want help with your garden or advice on how to approach landscaping, make sure to give us a call at (715) 832-4553 for a quote and consultation!