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Thursday, May 14th

Landscaping is our Middle Name

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Friday, May 2nd

It's Time to Begin Preparing Your Plants for Summer

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Thursday, May 1st

Join us for our latest Sales

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Top Soil Troubling You?

Hands Holding Top Soil

A lot of people are having problems with top soil, but before we can deal with the problems, we want to define top soil. Top Soil is the top soil of the ground, everything beneath that is known as garden soil. The top most layer is the most important layer because it is what directly influences crop cycles. Keeping your top soil healthy will yield great results for what you decide to plant, so if you are having problems, you should fix them immediately.

Common Problems for Top Soil

Compacted - Soil being compacted is as old as time itself. If you leave something atop your soil for too long, it will compress the top into the garden. This is very bad because the top soil needs to be loose to allow aeration, sunlight and water to reach the roots easily. The easiest way to loosen up your soil is to move it literally around. Using your hands is the most common way, but if you want to move a lot of ground quickly, find an aerating machine, this will fill your ground with small holes which will let the air move in and sift the dirt.

Quality - We should firstly, all be using Loam. There is also sand and clay, but loam is the healthiest soil in Wisconsin. The best way to keep your loam healthy s to make sure that it is healthy and receives all the appropriate nutrients that you need. Keeping healthy soil is what will keep your top soil producing brilliant crops.

Pollutants - Bacteria and Pollution. Two sides of the coin that will kill your top soil. If you have too many bacteria in your soil, the crops won't grow, or they will grow diseased and rotten. If you have too much pollution, odds are the chemicals you used to kill the bacteria left it as scorched earth. Striking the balance is what is necessary for keeping healthy top soil.

Green Thumb

Man Holding Gardening Tool

Green thumb landscaping and excavating is the number one place in Eau Claire for top soil and gardening. If you need assistance with your garden or professional tips on landscaping, give us a call at (715) 832-4553!