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Thursday, May 14th

Landscaping is our Middle Name

Like people, properties can sometimes need a make-over. Impress your neighbors…
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Friday, May 2nd

It's Time to Begin Preparing Your Plants for Summer

We've made it through winter (nearly) and your plants are excited to get out in the sunshine…
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Thursday, May 1st

Join us for our latest Sales

Visit our garden center to stock up on beautiful flowers to make your garden area your special…
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Wisconsin Weather!

It's tough living in Wisconsin, and it's tough if you're a plant trying to survive the winter. When you are looking for trees and shrubs to increase the overall appeal of your garden and landscaping design, you need one that can blossom in the spring and survive the frozen ground during the winter. We've picked these shrubs and trees as the top shrubs and trees of our great state!

Trees and Shrubs for Wisconsin

The Best Trees and Shrubs for Wisconsin

Lilacs — Lilacs are some of the prettiest flowers to bring into your garden. It's a fan favorite because you can essentially plant it and never worry about it ever again, and they also grow to be up to eight feet tall!

Bluebeards — Bluebeards are perfect for attracting butterflies to your garden. If you are hoping to connect with the insects in your gardens such as the butterflies and the bees, these are perfect for incorporating into your landscaping.

Sage — The Sage is ideal, but many people won't want to place them with lilacs. We've picked these shrubs and trees as the top shrubs and trees of our great state!s up to you. These are a little more stringy and bristly, they shoot straight up and dazzle with dependable deep hues of purple.

The Best Trees and Shrubs for Wisconsin

Autumn Maple — The Autumn Blaze Red Maple trees are gorgeous because they can show a lawn on fire. These rich, deep, reds are a perfect signal for the time of autumn.

Hybrid Poplar — The hybrid poplar is quite popular. These will live to be anywhere from 40-50 years old at any given time. Plus they will always grow out and if you want to save you can get a few dozen and sell them as Christmas trees in a bind!

Honeycrisp — Finally, these are the plants and shrubs on the list that can give the most bang for your buck. Because you get to eat parts of them!

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