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Thursday, May 14th

Landscaping is our Middle Name

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Friday, May 2nd

It's Time to Begin Preparing Your Plants for Summer

We've made it through winter (nearly) and your plants are excited to get out in the sunshine…
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Thursday, May 1st

Join us for our latest Sales

Visit our garden center to stock up on beautiful flowers to make your garden area your special…
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When to Begin Gardening Again

Now that the winter is starting to settle and spring is returning, it's time to begin gardening again. But when? Thankfully, most people agree that February is a great time to begin gardening if you can follow some simple steps.

When you are wanting to begin gardening again in Wisconsin, you need to follow some basic steps to get an edge in for March and April. You're going to get rid of as much snow as possible, do some pre-planning inside your home, and prepare your lawn as best as possible.

How to Begin Gardening after the Winter

When to Begin Gardening Again

Kill the Snow — The hardest step is killing the snow. Often people will use salt to clear out snow, but I believe that kitty litter or sand (if you can get a hold of some) work just as well. This preserves the valuable plant and soil from being damaged.

When to Begin Gardening Again after Winter

Interior Pre-Planning — Two step are at play for this section. You want to manage your interior house plants better as well as begin the sprouting process for special plants inside your home. If you can begin the soil process for some plants in your garage or laundry room, you can keep them alive for four weeks. Then place the pots in the soil for an easy way to get a headstart on longer blossom plants.

Preparing the Lawn for March — Near the end of the month is when the snow will start to break. You will need to prepare your lawn as much as possible. If you have the chance to clear the snow for good and rake the ground up so that it can begin to take in the sunshine, it will help your lawn blossom faster.

Green Thumb Landscaping

No matter how you decide to grow your garden, make sure that you come down to Green Thumb and our garden center so that you can get the most grow for your garden.

If you have any questions or would like to have some tips for your garden, make sure you give us a call at (715) 832-4553!