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Landscaping is our Middle Name

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It's Time to Begin Preparing Your Plants for Summer

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4 Points to successful Landscape Design

In order to be an effective and skilled at landscape designing you must have a lot of patience on your hands and a good notion as to what you want to convey with your landscape. While we cannot teach you how to be creative and come up with great ideas, we can show you how to funnel your ideas into a balanced and well maintained area. So when you decide that you are ready to create your dream landscape, just remember to STOP and then work.

STOP stands for Scene, Tracking, Order, and Positioning. With these four talents, we at Green Thumb Landscaping believe that anyone can form a beautiful landscape.

Scene means that you are able to create an effective image that is able to frame the image as a whole. If you choose, for example, to create an aerial view of a duck, then you might want to consider landscaping rocks for its bill. This would create a different effect for the more hardened part of its body. By treating the landscape like a scene, you are able to take your actors (parts of your garden) and put them in their proper places.

Tracking means that there must be something to take your eye. The most famous concept of tracking in architecture of landscaping are fountains. Because they are able to be a triple threat in the landscaping world, a still object (1), that is able to convey motion (2), and is able to bring the eye to the center by either being larger than the rest of the area or by standing out in color or aesthetics.

Order is the most achievable because when staring at a garden, you can always tell when something is accidentally out of place. When landscaping, order is the most important because it tests the landscaper more than anything else. If something would require much more work than it is worth than it is not worth doing unless you are dedicated to preserving it's natural place. Cacti or Bamboo are usually good examples of plants for Order because they don't require as much upkeep to maintain what they usually resemble.

Positioning is paramount to this list. In order to have an effective landscape design you have to make sure that nothing is ever obscured by something else. When you are positioning your ideas, always remember that if a part of your garden is ever not showing that it isn't really part of your garden at all.

The right landscape designers for the job.

We know that this list has become extremely helpful, it's been extremely helpful to us whenever we are hired or brought out onto the field. Just remember, that if you are ever in over your head to STOP and call Green Thumb Landscaping in Eau Claire Wisconsin.