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Thursday, May 14th

Landscaping is our Middle Name

Like people, properties can sometimes need a make-over. Impress your neighbors…
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Friday, May 2nd

It's Time to Begin Preparing Your Plants for Summer

We've made it through winter (nearly) and your plants are excited to get out in the sunshine…
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Thursday, May 1st

Join us for our latest Sales

Visit our garden center to stock up on beautiful flowers to make your garden area your special…
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How to use your Soil Knife!

At first glance, there isn't much to the Hori Hori, otherwise known in America as the soil knife. Perhaps, if we took another look at it, you would be able to see all the stunning uses it has. Possibly you could end up purchasing one of these exquisite tools yourself! If you own a garden, You will need a soil knife like the one shown here. Here's how to use it!

Buyers Guide to Soil Knives

Buyer�s Guide to Soil Knives

If you have purchased a soil knife, you might be looking for ways to use it, here's how!

Removing Roots Root removal cannot be done solely with the soil knife by itself of course. They're too strong for that. But the soil knife does a great job of clearing the surrounding soil.

Hacking Weeds By shimmying the blade through the top soil, you can take out small weeds Directly at the root. If you want to take out big roots, you can take them out by using your knife As a small machete.

Yard Management

There are three great ways to manage your yard with the soil knife.

  • Moving Small-Potted seedlings - Easily transport onions and leeks with precision!
  • Ousting Taproots - Slide the Soil knife into the ground, pop the root out of the ground!
  • Making Rows - A great row marker, and an excellent way to etch yard lines.

Green Thumb Landscaping

Here at Green thumb landscaping we swear by the soil knife. We provide the best landscaping products and services for in Eau Claire and have been servicing Wisconsin for several years. Come on down to our garden center and ask us about any of our products or any yard problems that's been giving you a hard time. Call us today at (715) 832-4553 and talk to one of our representatives about our products or our landscaping services!

If you are ever in doubt or don't know the best place to purchase your plants or landscaping materials, go ahead and visit Green Thumb. Our landscaping experts will always be happy to help out and lend some advice to gardeners. If you need additional help, call us at (715) 832-4553!